Vibration Control Systems

Spring support of machines, other equipment, structures or trackbeds may be used:

  • either for active vibration control (isolation at the source) in particular in power plants and in the metal forming industry. Today elastic support of turbines, boiler feed pumps, coal pulverizers, fans and diesel generator sets is in the same way standard technology as, for example, spring support of forging hammers and presses,

  • or for passive vibration control (isolation of the recipient) to protect precision equipment or structures from vibrations caused, for example, by traffic or the industry in the neighbourhood. Protection can be even provided against earthquakes or wind excitation,

  • in special applications as, for example, for protection against subsidences (buildings) or the effects of heat expansion (condensers, piping systems).

GERB vibration control systems typically consist of spring elements and Viscodampers®. We use in these spring elements high quality helical coil springs designed for the different applications by ourselves.

There are basically three different types of spring elements:

  • fully prestressable elements - These elements can be prestressed down to solid height of the springs and locked at any spring compression. Structures can be erected and equipment installed, since the spring elements act as solid support. Once the erection or installation is finished, the spring system is activated for vibration control. Adjustment or alignment is easy and simple without lifting the supported building or machine;

  • adjustable elements - It is possible to adjust these elements after installation, also without lifting the supported structure or machine;

  • non prestressable elements - For adjustment, alignment or replacement it is always necessary to lift the supported structure or machine first.

For fixing the elements, bolts are usually not necessary, neither on the top nor the bottom side. Self-adhesive pads, manufactured and supplied by GERB, can be used for this purpose.

Springs and element housings are provided with high quality corrosion protection.

GERB Viscodampers® are visco-elastic elements, active in all degrees of freedom. The damping forces are proportional to the relative velocity between the piston (top part) and the housing (bottom part). Viscodampers® may be used

  • as separate dampers parallel to spring elements

  • integrated into spring elements (Spring-Viscodamper® combinations)

Certain Viscodampers® can be supplied as certified elements for nuclear power plants or other sensitive structures.

GERB's own installation team will either provide full installation services or may send a supervisor only - in accordance with customers' requests - for the installation or the adjustment and alignment of spring elements and/or Viscodampers®. Hydraulic systems to lift foundations or equipment of up to 6,000 t are available.

GERB can also do vibration measurements for the assessment of a given situation with recommendations for improvement or for a prognosis of vibration levels to be expected under certain conditions.

GERB India is certified according to EN ISO 9001 since 1998.