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In India presses are often installed using conventional systems like rubber mounts, rubber pads or level mounts commonly called as AVM (Anti-Vibration-Mounts) with limited vibration transmission control. Gerb designs advanced systems for effective vibration transmission control that offer long life and high efficiency using flexible helical springs combined with Sordino or Viscodampers®.

Gerb India provides solutions for supporting all types of presses – hydraulic presses, mechanical presses, screw presses as well as warm & hot forging presses. In India there are already over 1,000 presses installed successfully on Gerb systems for capacities ranging from 10 tons to 4,000 tons. These systems offer:

  • High efficiency of vibration control by flexible springs combined with Sordino/Viscodamper®
  • Comfort for humans and safety for building structures
  • Long life, usually for the entire machine life
  • No wear & tear as springs do not settle during the entire machine life
  • Increased machine & tool life due to reduced stresses
  • Reduced foundation size that contributes to lower project costs
  • No foundation bolt/grouting required, mounts come equipped with self adhesive pads
  • Easy installation & relocation since no special foundation is required
  • Sensitive machines can be installed in the vicinity due to efficient vibration control


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Double Crank C-Frame Press -  ISGEC



Forging Hammers

The foundation design for forging hammers is the most crucial issue for forging plants. Foundations have to be primarily designed for two kinds of loads: Static & Dynamic. Due to the nature of the forging work the dynamic load can be extremely high.

Outdated technologies like rubber pads or stacks of wood below the anvil or sand or cork pads below the foundation offer no solution and have a limited life. After a few years, or in some cases even after a few months all these systems become redundant and do not work at all anymore. The only solution to handle such high dynamic loads & to not to allow associated disturbing vibrations into the surroundings, is using a flexible support for the hammers.

Therefore Gerb uses a combination of coil springs with Viscodampers® – they are flexible in all directions and isolate vibrations effectively to the surroundings. Our Viscodampers® provide the necessary damping to ensure that the motion of the hammer after each blow comes to rest before the next blow. The life of the GERB system is long considering the rough operating conditions. GERB has extensive experience in this field and has placed the 1st closed-die-hammer on direct spring support already in 1978.

Problems encountered due to vibration transmission from forging hammers have always been a major problem in the Indian forging industry. Gerb technology is now-a-days being used as a proven solution by most Indian forging companies. Use of the Gerb system not only reduces vibration transmission and protects structures or sensitive machines but also improves the machine life and human-comfort. Furthermore it’s an insurance against foundation settlement / cracking, vibration pollution and your neighbour will be happy, hence they will not force you to close or shift your factory. The use of the Gerb system offers:

  • Vibration free comfortable surrounding
  • Considerable savings on the cost of foundation, resulting in lower project costs
  • Indirect savings on maintenance costs of other machines that are normally incurred because of vibrations
  • Savings on the repair costs for the maintenance of the factory/office building & structure
  • Lower stress in the hammer - leading to longer hammer & tool life, less maintenance & breakdowns - more productivity. Low frequency oscillation of the hammer does not cause any damage to any components, on the contrary helps stress relief
  • No energy loss – our solutions are designed with high damping, hence the hammer comes to rest after each blow well before the next blow occurs
  • Reduces the risk of future foundation problems resulting from settlement or breakage
  • Protection from stringent pollution norms coming into force as well as from neighbor complaints.


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Diesel Generator Sets

In the past rubber mounts have been popular in India, commonly called AVM - offering limited vibration isolation. However, gone are the days when users were satisfied with this technology and do not bother much about vibrations still coming from DG sets. Today most of them adopt advanced technologies and use Gerb spring mounts under the DG set. They are easy to install, have a long life, provide high isolation efficiency and even pay back by reducing the foundation size. The use of low frequency springmounts not only reduces the vibration level to a high extent but also reduces structure borne noise.  This feature is very important for prestigious corporate centers, hotels, schools, hospitals or higher floor installations as otherwise DG sets running in such buildings would transmit high frequency vibrations into the structure. Those vibrations could affect sensitive machines or disturb humans when radiated from building members as structure borne noise.

Gerb India has tie-ups with major engine manufacturers, who use our system on regular basis with thousands of installations in India. Our technology offers the following major advantages:

  • Highly flexible spring systems with low natural frequencies combined with damping provide a very high isolation efficiency (more than 95%). Vibrations / Structure borne noise cannot be felt even at immediate nearby floors, rooms, machine shops etc
  • The DG set is directly mounted on the spring units, lowering the foundation costs and providing for easy relocation of the DG set, if required
  • DG sets can be installed on higher floors, as the floor will have to carry only the dead load of the machine. More than 95% of the dynamic loads typically are absorbed by the spring units. In case of conventional foundations or with rubber mounts such an arrangement is technically not possible, as it would create problems due to transmission of vibration and structure borne noise
  • Spring system results in lower stresses in the DG set itself i.e. an increase in life of bearings & of other machine parts leading to maximum uptime of the DG set and reduction of maintenance cost
  • Foundation settlement can generally be ruled out as most of the dynamic load is isolated by our system. However, even in the remote occurrence of tilting, machine can be realigned very easily on spring level. With a conventional foundation it is nearly impossible to rectify this problem
  • Unlimited life time as both springs and dampers are non-ageing devices
  • Gerb AVMs are not affected by leaking oil or fuel from the DG-Set, hence no need of replacement for the whole lifetime of the DG set
  • Easy installation as no bolting is required neither with the floor nor with the DG set as we supply self adhesive pads.


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Gerb India has introduced new ways of vibration isolation systems to the Indian centrifuge industry.  Key local manufacturers have revised their design from earlier 3pt. suspension systems to 4pt. suspension with spring-viscodamper systems. The change is well appreciated by the endusers of both pharmaceutical & chemical industry. More than 1,000 installation for all types & sizes (ranging from 24” to 72”) have been completed, this includes

    • vertical centrifuges
    • horizontal centrifuges
    • decanters
    • pusher centrifuges

Use of the Gerb system for these machines offer several advantages:

  • High vibration control using well designed springs & Viscodampers®
  • Detailed forced vibration analysis helps OEMs to prove the machine behavior already in the design phase to optimize the solution
  • The only possible way to install centrifuges on higher levels and in steel structures
  • Long life of the suspension system. No wear & tear when used within design limits
  • Savings on machine maintenance
  • Savings in foundation size 

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Embroidery Machines

The textile industry in India has been expanding. Thousands of machines are installed every year.  In order to utilize the available space at most of the existing set-ups, machines need to be placed on upper floors for any expansion projects. Since upper floors have limited load bearing capacities & were usually not designed for dynamic loads, Gerb offers excellent solutions for such machines and they are specially developed to be cost effective & to be installed on upper floors as the dynamic loads get substantially reduced by vibration control. We already have several such installations appreciated by the users. Gerb mounts for embroidery & other textile machines offers benefits like:

  • High vibration transmission control using well designed cost effective anti vibration mounts
  • Possibility to safely & easily install machines on higher floors
  • Long life solution – one time investment
  • Zero maintenance & easy installation
  • Savings on machine maintenance as it works in stress free condition
  • No grouting or bolting as all mounts are supplied with self adhesive pads
  • Easy to move or relocate the machines alongwith mounts
  • Effective vibration control to comply with pollution norms


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