Protection of Building against Subsidences in Coal Mining Areas

Subsidences will cause steps and trenches on the surface resulting in major damage of unprotected houses in this area. This can be prevented if the loss of support in the subsiding section below a building is minimised.

GERB provides already for decades special elements for the active control of expected subsidences. The idea is, that the springs will automatically adjust in a certain range to any local settlement, losing perhaps part of its compression, but never the total contact between supported structure and subsiding subsoil.

Electronic and telemetric monitoring systems will register any major change in spring compression, which allows the relevelling of the system, hence even major settlements cannot harm the spring supported structure.

Not only new buildings are protected in this way but even existing ones can be subsequently upgraded in this way.

The right selection, arrangement and setting of the spring elements is obviously of major importance for a proper functioning of the whole system.