GERB offers several solutions for earthquake protection of buildings.

For decades, our elastic support systems have protected buildings, bridges and structures against subsidence, as well as vibrations and structure borne noise produced by subways, trams, railways and road traffic.

The GERB Base Control System is effective against forces in both the lateral and vertical directions. It has been proven effective in the Californian earthquake zone for more than 10 years. Buildings of all shapes and sizes can be isolated through the use of helical springs with large permissible deflections and specially designed VISCODAMPERS®. GERB elements have load capacities from 10 to 300 tons, and are maintenance free.

Fig. 1 GERB Base Control System

We also developed tuned mass dampers to control wind and earthquake induced vibrations in tall and wide span structures.

Fig. 2 Tuned Mass Damper

Another option is to use the upper story of a tall building as the damping mass.

Fig. 3 Elastically supported upper floor (mass damper)

One directional dampers are used to increase the structural damping of towers and skyscrapers, and are installed in the walls of the structures.

Fig. 4 Earthquake Damper