Earthquake Protection for Machinery

For decades, GERB is a supplier of elastic support systems for heavy machinery which have to be save against earthquake vibrations. More than 30 years ago, we have developed special systems to protect turbine generators and other machinery in conventional and nuclear power plants from damage due to seismic tremors.

The elastic system features helical steel spring elements, as well as a VISCODAMPER®, a viscous fluid damper. The proper selection of the VISCODAMPER® is critical to effectively dampen the severe displacements caused by the earthquake. The column substructure can also be rigidly connected to the building structure. Therefore, the elastic system not only protects the turbine generator, but may also help protect the building as well.

Today, newspaper printing presses with length of up to 150 meters (500 ft) are installed on spring elements and VISCODAMPERS®. In addition to providing protection from subsidence, as well as isolation of vibrations and structure-borne noise, earthquake protection is one of the main reasons for elastically supporting these machines. Printing presses have been successfully protected against earthquakes in Mexico City, Sofia, Bulgaria and Taipei, Taiwan.

Many other types of machinery, like test stands, machine tools and emergency diesel generators are also elastically supported, mainly for earthquake protection.