Earthquake Protection

For the protection of machines, equipment and buildings against earthquakes modern steel spring elements and VISCODAMPERS® can be utilized. By these means the seismic safety of the structure can be improved to a high extent and any damage can be reduced significantly or nearly be avoided. Especially in those parts of the globe with frequently occurring earthquakes, the application of special protection systems becomes economic as necessary repair costs after an earthquake become very low.

The seismic safety of buildings can be increased by different mechanisms. The “Base-Control System” significantly reduces horizontal and vertical seismic demands on structural members. This vertically “soft” support condition also decreases the constraint forces in the base of the structure and the vertical subsoil reactions. Further possibilities for earthquake protection are the elastic uncoupling of building parts (e.g. upper storeys) or the arrangement of tuned mass dampers at the top of the building.

Fig. Seismic Behaviour of an Elastically Supported Turbine Deck

Fig. Modal Shape of a Building on a Base-Control System

Fig. Typical Response Spectrum for Earthquake Regions

Fig. Simulated Structural Response for Different Seismic Protection Systems