GERB Engineering takes care of dynamic and static aspects which arise from the operation of machines, equipment, buildings, trackbeds and other structures.

The range of services on offer comprises:

  • Consultation by qualified engineers
  • Vibration measurements
  • Problem solving and design concepts
  • Dynamic and static analysis by means of computer simulation
  • Studies on structural behaviour and expert reports
  • Proof of structural safety and serviceability state analysis
  • Documentation for project approval
  • Execution documents incl. general arrangement and reinforcement drawings for R/C structures as well as workshop drawings for steel constructions
  • Detailed construction manuals
  • Instruction and supervision of site personnel and site inspections

The scope of services includes certain special features:

  • Apart from the work on new constructions, also conversions, extensions, restoring and updating projects are executed
  • Engineering documentation is available in different languages
  • Different national and international standards can be considered
  • Global insurance cover (including USA and Canada)