Forging Hammers

Today direct spring support of forging hammers is the international standard in the forging industry. In these cases spring elements and Viscodampers® are installed directly below the hammer. Elastic support of forging hammers is becoming more important , since high-precision testing equipment and machine tools are installed next to these hammers.

The direct spring support is a standard solution for all anvil hammers. Only in case of counter-blow hammers and in those cases, where minimal hammer motions are permitted, it becomes necessary, to add a concrete block as additional mass.

Fig. Direct spring support of a Forging Hammer

Fig. Direct spring support of a Forging Hammer

High-quality springs and Viscodampers® are combined in one unit. These have been designed for the hard, in many cases 3-shift forging process, in other words for high dynamic loads and millions of load cycles.

Direct spring support can be used for most forging hammers, with the following advantages:

  • Considerable reduction in cost and construction time, owing to the elimination of the foundation block and the considerably smaller foundation pit

  • Taking into account standard soil conditions , reduction of vibration by at least 85% compared to rigid foundations

  • Improved production cycle, since machines (hammers, furnaces, presses) can be installed in close proximity to each other

  • Elimination of settling and tilting