Press operation may cause high vibration levels by speed change, slide impact or when cutting material. Such vibration may become unacceptable in the workshop itself and/or surrounding areas. In addition, high-frequency components of the vibration signal may excite structure-borne noise in adjacent rooms.

GERB spring units in combination with Viscodampers® can considerably reduce such vibration levels and structure-borne noise typically measured in velocities. A spring supported system - in this case a press - with a vertical natural frequency of approximately 3 Hz and about 30% of velocity-proportional critical damping will usually lead to a 90 % reduction of vibration velocities compared to the expected velocities in case of a conventional installation. Such a large reduction of vibration levels improves not only the working conditions for plant personnel, but also the living conditions of residential neighbours.

Spring units combined with Viscodampers® will not only guarantee stability for the machine, but also ensure that the machine quickly returns to zero motion after each stroke hence even automated feeding will cause no difficulties.

Since the dynamic forces transmitted from the press to the sub-foundation are greatly reduced by the vibration isolation system, the design of the sub-foundation can be limited to the static loads which will lead in a major way to lower construction cost of the foundation.

Measurements made in advance can determine whether a new press will cause unreasonable vibration levels in the surroundings and if the press needs vibration control. The reduction of vibration levels by spring support can also be predetermined.

Spring support is, however, not only a matter of vibration control for the surrounding. Vibration measurements on presses themselves and long time practical experience have shown that wear and tear of the press will also be reduced by spring support resulting in less maintenance and a longer lifetime of the press and especially its dies.