Prestressable GP-Elements

GP Type Elements

GP-Elements are rectangular shaped, and contain a specified number of steel springs. They are designed for high load capacities and can be applied like bridge bearings.

Fig. GP-Elements isolating railway bridges in a station

Fig. GP-Elements isolating railway bridges in a station

GP-elements provide the floating slab track (FST) with a low system frequency, and are most effective in reducing the transmission of dynamic forces between the track girder, and the piers or abutment. They are prestressable, allowing re-adjustment of bridge levels if necessary due to settlement. GP-elements can be replaced quite easily, without requiring the bridge girder to be lifted.

Fig. Floating trackbed on prestressable spring elements

Prestressed GP-type spring elements can act as temporary, rigid supports, allowing construction of the track slabs on top of the spring elements. The system is later activated by releasing the prestressing bolts without the track elevation being changed.