Non-Prestressable K-Elements

K-Type Elements

K-Elements are not prestressable. They are designed for smaller loads, and feature a shorter operational height. K-elements can be installed laterally along the length of a slab or trough, with spacing of 3 to 8 m. Since K-elements contain the same type of springs as the GP-elements, they attenuate dynamic forces at the same high level.

Fig. K-Element

The concrete slab or trough is framed with pre-cast concrete boxes to enclose the elements, and then poured in a conventional way on top of the supporting structure. The slab is then lifted, and the K-elements are positioned in the boxes, from the side. It is also possible to set the spring elements in their final position, and then lower pre-cast trackbed segments on top of the elements.

Fig. Concrete Trough with ballast bed

Fig. Concrete Trough with ballast bed