Vibration Isolation of Sensitive Machinery and Equipment

Precision machine tools like Roll Grinders, Machining Centres, 3-D Measuring Machines, Microscopes or Test Equipment, located typically in the middle of a plant, are often sensitive to vibrations, excited somewhere in the surroundings.

Experience has shown that measures like joints or trenches will provide no or at least only insufficient vibration control. Very efficient is, on the other hand, the so called passive vibration isolation, i.e. the elastic support of the equipment itself, typically mounted on concrete slabs or steel plates, to increase their torsional stability and operational accuracy. The more flexible the elastic elements are the better is the vibration control effect. Additionally GERB spring units are in these cases usually combined with Viscodampers®. The spring supported foundation sits in most cases below floor level.

If a specifically high vibration control becomes necessary, vibration measurements at the future location of the precision equipment is recommended in advance while the other machines causing the vibrations are in operation. Based on the results of such measurements spring elements and Viscodampers® can be selected in an optimal way.