Re-built of 3 conventional press foundations

Press Workshop - 3 SCHULER presses
Drilling holes for anchor bolts to fix the lateral support
Drilling holes with the support of template
The concrete block has been prepared for fixing the lateral supports
Lateral supports
Levelling of the Foundation after the installation of the spring elements
Spring elements mounted below laterally-fixed supports
Press Workshop - 3 SCHULER presses
Re-building of 3 conventional press foundations
Project execution
Embraco s.r.l.,
I-10020 Riva presso Chieri (To), Italy
Scope of supply
for each press 16 fully pre-stressable GERB spring elements, type GPV, the laterally fixed supports as well as the complete installation of the new system
3 SCHULER presses had been installed on concrete blocks fully supported by rubber pads (height 60mm). After some time the motion of the presses became unacceptable to the client. They asked GERB to look for a suitable solution, however, with the following pre-conditions:
a. the concrete block could not be destroyed or dismantled
b. the height below the concrete was just 60 mm.

Since the height of 60 mm does not offer sufficient space to install spring elements directly below the block, we decided to fix supports laterally to the block and the spring elements were mounted below the supports.
Total supported weight:
each press 120 t